What’s your Fitness niche?

Ok, so barre wasn’t Arnold’s niche, but it is mine!Vbodies 'Fitness Bar Flow" with matthew


Over many years of training, I have found that people with similar body shapes, physical histories and personalities usually gravitate towards similar fitness & exercise styles. I will help you identify your fit niche during our video consultation session, and together we’ll use this foundation to design the plan for your body victory!  If you already have a niche, what is it? Mine are definitely biking, hiking, Pilates, and kickboxing!

See you on the path!

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What is the Daily Distance?

Daily Distance is the fit foundation of Vbodies’ slimming system!  It is simply your achievement of 1 total mile of exercise, every day, with athletic sneakers on.  This means you can walk 1/2 mile before work, and 1/2 mile after lunch, bike a mile, treadmill row, do 4 x 1/4 mile parking lot sprints, take a spin class, or rollerblade down the beach.  I don’t care how fast or how hard you go, just do it!

My beginning walkers can walk a mile in approx 16:00. If you are unfit or unsure, start here with a baseline!  As you get more athletic, you can start to add some jogging and faster speed-walking.

Guess what? I did some math. If you achieve 1 mile of distance, every day for a month, you will have a marathon in your pocket. Vbodies marathons are for the health of a lifetime. Ill take a client who does a marathon-a-month over a marathon all-at-once-and-quit-or-get-hurt!

Hit me up if you want a plan, designed for your unique body, that will change your life in just 30 minutes a day! I will help you navigate in YOUR local area, and help you find the right exercise, location, gear, and scheduling you need to have a Victory Body of your own!

Paleo Vacation– 4 ways to keep your body on point!

Stay Paleo on your summer trip!  Your body will stay in shape when you adhere to the foundations– no gluten, no sugar, no processed foods.  Airlines, airports, and many tourist destinations serve terrible food to hungry travelers–food loaded with sodium, low-grade meat, gluten, and sugar.  Don’t be a victim of vacation weight gain!  Stay true with these easy, daily steps (and save money too)
1. Don’t eat anything served in an airplane or an airport.   
 Instead, bring your own food on the plane.  Simply put it in a see-thru plastic sack, and place it on the X-ray scanner with your luggage.  I have never had a meal taken by any security, in any country!  Heres a plane photo from way back:  Whole Foods Box o’ spinach, boiled eggs, assorted colored vegetables, chips, dark chocolate, cashews!
Also great on the go: Canned tuna or sardines, hummus
2.  Shop for food at local grocery stores.  They stay open later and you can match  protein, fat, and carbs at the lowest prices around.
3.  Keep your vegetables & proteins in order.
If you can keep your body satisfied with these two ‘groups’ of food…. you will stay on the slim and healthy path!  Also– buying these items in the grocery store will save you TONS of money traveling!
4.  Scope out the area farmer’s markets
What better way to eat local, primal, and meet some cool people too?
Attached is a California farmers market finder (free app)



Easy-peel eggs in the electric tea kettle…frugal paleo made easy!

2 eggs a day keeps the doctor away! And cheap protein too…even the highest quality eggs are only .30-.50 each.
I boil mine at 5:20 in the morning while rubbing the crudités out of my eyes…remember, free-roam & pastured eggs don’t HAVE to be refrigerated.

1. Put eggs and water into teapot
2. Plug it in, turn water boil to level 5
3. Once it reaches full boil, time for 5 minutes.
4. Unplug & let eggs sit for 1 minute.
5. Pour out hot water, and fill back up with cold tap water to cool the eggs.
6. Put them in your bag and hit the gym!