What is the Daily Distance?

The Daily Distance is Vbodies’ idea that you can keep a slim, fit, and healthy body by doing cardio-aerobic exercise in 1-2 mile daily distances.  This will keep you healthy, safe, having fun and avoiding burnout.

For a bonus in weight loss, increase to 1-2 days per week “Double Distance”– simply double your current daily effort.

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Radius finder– map your Daily Distance around home and work.

I found an awesome circle mapping app made by map developers.com.  Put in your address and .5 mile raidus and badda bing– you have just mapped your magic mile!  Aren’t the distances shorter than you thought?

Now, put 1 mile a day in your pocket.  It’s your choice how you want to do the distance.  The numbers don’t lie:  1 mile / day X  6 days a week = a marathon in your first month!  Who would have thought how much you can achieve in only 4 weeks!

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What is the Daily Distance?

Daily Distance is the fit foundation of Vbodies’ slimming system!  It is simply your achievement of 1 total mile of exercise, every day, with athletic sneakers on.  This means you can walk 1/2 mile before work, and 1/2 mile after lunch, bike a mile, treadmill row, do 4 x 1/4 mile parking lot sprints, take a spin class, or rollerblade down the beach.  I don’t care how fast or how hard you go, just do it!

My beginning walkers can walk a mile in approx 16:00. If you are unfit or unsure, start here with a baseline!  As you get more athletic, you can start to add some jogging and faster speed-walking.

Guess what? I did some math. If you achieve 1 mile of distance, every day for a month, you will have a marathon in your pocket. Vbodies marathons are for the health of a lifetime. Ill take a client who does a marathon-a-month over a marathon all-at-once-and-quit-or-get-hurt!

Hit me up if you want a plan, designed for your unique body, that will change your life in just 30 minutes a day! I will help you navigate in YOUR local area, and help you find the right exercise, location, gear, and scheduling you need to have a Victory Body of your own!