Anatomy Trains explained: What is the Spiral Line?

Fascia are thin, tough sheaths of of connective tissue that provide help with structure and a blueprint for movement.  The Spiral Line is a helix-shaped train of muscle and fascia that helps link the body literally from head to toe.  The line helps the muscles pattern important movements like running, rotating the spine and turning the head.  See the blue lines from Thomas Meyers classic text, Anatomy Trains.

Anatomy Trains Spiraling Lines Vbodies Matthew thomas Meyers2

Want more core strength, mobility and a slimmer torso? Lengthen and strengthen your body along these lines. To reduce neck pain or sciatica, help your body’s release as you spiral the joints.  Be sure to keep tall posture with the abs engaged while you do the moves.


4-minute spiraling workout:

1 Set X 14 reps in each direction

Spiraling lines matthew vbodies fitness thomas meyers anatomy trains