VBodies Diet Primer

Here is an easy-to-follow diet plan that I have written to help my members understand their diet and health.  It is just 12 pages, with the idea that you take these Golden Ratio foundations and create a diet solution for your body and lifestyle!  Enjoy.


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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise style that combines strength training and basic physical therapy.  It is a mind-body philosophy as well as a principled system of exercises, which can be done on a mat or on special machines. Most people gravitate to Pilates after injury, as a compliment to dynamic exercise, or after quitting other exercise styles that are painful or ineffective. Pilates instructors undergo a rigorous, multi-year certification process, and Pilates mat exercises are renowned for their rehabilitative qualities. With Pilates, you can expect to build a very strong core, stabilize your spine and hips, and apply the principles of strength training that will rejuvenate your body and keep it healthy.

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Gentlemen’s fitness

Yesterday I found an old book in my library, called Swedish Movements. It was written by Pehr Henrik Ling, one of the Swedish fathers of modern western exercise. Check out these photos! Business men in their suits doing limbering moves and graceful exercises. Just like PH Ling showed, with me you don’t have to be a warrior or jock to be fit! There’s a great chance you will stay trim, slim, healthy and uninjured with a Vbodies style of workout.
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What is the Daily Distance?

The Daily Distance is Vbodies’ idea that you can keep a slim, fit, and healthy body by doing cardio-aerobic exercise in 1-2 mile daily distances.  This will keep you healthy, safe, having fun and avoiding burnout.

For a bonus in weight loss, increase to 1-2 days per week “Double Distance”– simply double your current daily effort.

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Anatomy Trains explained: What is the Spiral Line?

Fascia are thin, tough sheaths of of connective tissue that provide help with structure and a blueprint for movement.  The Spiral Line is a helix-shaped train of muscle and fascia that helps link the body literally from head to toe.  The line helps the muscles pattern important movements like running, rotating the spine and turning the head.  See the blue lines from Thomas Meyers classic text, Anatomy Trains.

Anatomy Trains Spiraling Lines Vbodies Matthew thomas Meyers2

Want more core strength, mobility and a slimmer torso? Lengthen and strengthen your body along these lines. To reduce neck pain or sciatica, help your body’s release as you spiral the joints.  Be sure to keep tall posture with the abs engaged while you do the moves.


4-minute spiraling workout:

1 Set X 14 reps in each direction

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Radius finder– map your Daily Distance around home and work.

I found an awesome circle mapping app made by map developers.com.  Put in your address and .5 mile raidus and badda bing– you have just mapped your magic mile!  Aren’t the distances shorter than you thought?

Now, put 1 mile a day in your pocket.  It’s your choice how you want to do the distance.  The numbers don’t lie:  1 mile / day X  6 days a week = a marathon in your first month!  Who would have thought how much you can achieve in only 4 weeks!

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